Arjun P. Athreya

"In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity" -- Albert Einstein


  1. Arjun P. Athreya, L. Alexander Clemm, Jung Tjong and Prasad Sanampudi, "Translating An Object-Oriented Data Model to a YANG Data Model", 2010, Cisco Systems, Inc.,US Patent 8,838,653.
  2. Rajeev Koodli, Arjun P. Athreya and Anand Oswal, "Elastic Clustering of Vehicles Equipped with Broadband Wireless Communication Devices", 2012, Cisco Systems, Inc.,US Patent Application Pending.


  1. Aug '17 - PRESENT : Rambus Fellowship, Univ. of Illinois Electrical and Computer Engineering Excellence in Computer Engineering
  2. Aug '16 - PRESENT : Mayo Clinic-Illinois Alliance Fellowship for Technology-based Healthcare Research
  3. Jan '15 - Aug '16 : National Center for Supercomputing Applications and CompGen Fellowship
  4. Jan '11 - Dec '13 : Carnegie Institute of Technology Dean's Fellowship
  5. Aug '09: Study Abroad Support by TATA Welfare Trust


  1. 2017 ASCPT Annual Meeting: Presidential Trainee Award (among top-scoring submissions) and Jason Morrow Trainee Award (top-scoring submission)
  2. 2016 IEEE/ACM Big Data Computing, Applications and Technologies: Best Paper Award
  3. 2016 Individualizing Medicine Conference: Early Career Investigator in Precision Medicine Scholarship
  4. 2016 Coordinated Science Laboratory Student Conference: Best Student Talk Award
  5. 2015 IEEE Consumer Communications and Networking Conference: Best Student Paper Award